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Combine expertise and save resources

Global and local business trends

Recent macro economic trends, the COVID 19 (SARS2) scare, markets crumbling and nations turning to alternative methods of trade. The age of consumerism and inefficiency are done. The smart groups are agile, responsive and operate with reduced risk and common marketing and operational chains. 

We are focused on supply and financial chain development, market sharing and cost/risk reduction with our re-sellers and suppliers.

The time for short sighted and unsustainable business practices will only lead to further losses and strain – lets communicate, join forces and make the right decisions together.

Talk to your clients, understand the needs and lets evaluate 

our vision

the next decade

We have a simple plan – it is to expand in a sustainable and calculated manner . Our focus will remain on client retention, best in class delivery and to stay current. Our business model started in 2010 with a niche consulting service aimed at partnering with the best in the market. Over time we decided to scale and grow our team by outsourcing selected business services and applications while testing new market trends and investing a substantial amount of time and effort into research, development and finding the best position for EOS not to become over reliant on partners and vendors, while still remaining profitable and sustainable. 

Our 2020 plan has shifted slightly in that we will become more tech reliant and less human resource focused. As we have a small and flexible team we are confident that this process will be achieved with the right partners and vendors.


How we can work together

We offer a re-seller program for like-minded, dedicated and motivated individuals and business willing to work with us. 


Join us and help us market one or more of our solutions. Each successful sales equate to commission income to you as an independent contractor.

Service Partner

If you or your company has a useful solution and would like to reach out to us please do so. We are happy to assist in delivering a platform to help you, consult or offer your solution on our platform

Lead provider

Use your own resources and provide our team with leads relating to our offers. Successful sales will earn you commission.