Comprehensive business solutions

XEOS comprises of several companies and brands offering a range of essential solutions to both business and individuals.

Our team has selected the very best local and international options with good support and reliable infrastructure to make sure you have the best options to make your business work.

Our services, products and consulting has use cases in most industries and applications.   

Focus areas

  • Our service range includes the core functions needed for business – these include: voice services, website development,  hosting, design & brand services and advanced data security and management. 
  • Consulting – we have a strong team with cross industry specialists to assist in developing solutions to suite your needs.
  • Products – we carry and distribute selected products from our trusted supplier network to compliment our service and consulting side.
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We Solve Real world Problems

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Improve efficiency

Reduce operational cost

Increase Sales & profitability

Strategy​​ Development​

Digital Presence


Cyber-security and advanced data protection

Business Lead Generation

Skills development

Our history

  • 2006 - 2009

    We assembled our team and focused on gaining experience in  the technology, industrial engineering, software development and quality space. 

  • 2010

    Establishment of EOS Consulting. We grew our team of independent consultants to over 30 based in 5 countries spanning the globe.   

  • 2012

    Expand our consulting services to include procurement, import and export and supply chain management.  

  • 2014

    Dedicated agriculture department with sister company established. Our focus includes specialized water saving soil conditioners. We also added bio-active product sets developed over 25 years. These products have use in plant nutrition, soil and water rehabilitation breaking down toxins, oil compounds and harmful metals/salts.


  • 2015

    We expanded into website and mobile application development linked to loyalty systems. Marketing, social media. Additional service providers were added with CRM, ERP and business management systems.

    Other exciting news was the adding of additional e-learning platforms aimed a school to professional level up-skill based outcomes on globally recognized content - target areas include process thinking, quality assessment, project management and human resource management  

  • 2016

    Enterprise level partners in telecommunication, internet an business process automation. Later in the year we added VoIP and Cloud PBX specialization options. 

  • 2018

    Fintech solutions and platforms added. We also added selected specialist procurement of certain asset groups with financing solutions

  • 2019

    We added specialist bulk procurement solutions aimed at communication infrastructure and network deployment in 3 provinces (South Africa). Added additional vehicle trade and business financing solutions and partnered with infrastructure providers in selected industries 

  • 2020

    Refined our partner agreements to improve block chain acceptance and payment gateway structures. Other big news was the re-grouping of our brands and departments to be nestled under xEOS.

  • 2021

    New partnerships  with international payment and solution providers to increase the modern trends towards digital asset acceptance.  We have also increased our development and support for wildlife and conservation initiatives. 

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